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Finishing is an art unto itself. Proper finishing protects your investment. Without a finish wood can crack,fade, shrink or swell, which keeps doors and drawers from functioning properly.

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Wood in its natural state is beautiful. Nature at its best. But there are certain woods that are enhanced when either stains or oils are applied. During the design process, we discuss the style or “look” you are trying to achieve. I then recommend the type of finish that will bring about your vision. Staining and painting are the two most popular finishes I apply to wood used for cabinets and furniture. Smaller items are finished a bit differently.

Specialty items (i.e., gifts, signs, and memorials) are typically not stained but kept in their natural state. If a sign or smaller item has certain details that need to be painted, the paint is applied by hand and a finishing coat of either polyurethane or spar varnish is applied. This would typically be discussed in more detail during the design process.

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