Do you charge for repairs for recently completed projects? Most projects have a three (3) month grace period for any repairs or adjustments. After the three-month grace period all repairs or adjustments will be billed at prevailing wages.

How long does it typically take to complete a job? Depending on the complexity of your project and the number of pieces being built, projects can be completed anywhere between one and 16 weeks. That will be discussed when we talk about your particular project.

Do you install the finished product? I am not a Home Improvement Contractor as defined/outlined by New Jersey law; therefore, I do not permanently install anything into a client’s home. I design, build and deliver only. I do have contractors that I work with to do my installations or I will work with your contractor to complete the installation. Please review my Terms and Conditions https://ridderworks.com/terms-and-conditions/.

Do you do any of the work on site? All work is completed in my shop prior to delivery. If an additional item is required, i.e., an additional piece of trim, etc., that will be made in my shop and then delivered to your site when ready. Please review my Terms and Conditions https://ridderworks.com/terms-and-conditions/.

Do you share drawings and/or 3D models with the customer? I will produce 3D models and/or drawings depending on the project. I do charge a non-refundable DESIGN/CONSULTATION FEE to cover the design (both verbal and written) of your project. This includes the production of drawings, sketches, and/or computer-generated images necessary to complete the design of your project. This also aids in the production of an estimate for the cost your project. You will be notified when the drawings, sketches, and/or computer-generated images and the estimate are ready for review. The DESIGN/CONSULTATION FEE is required at the time the design materials are delivered. Once the fee is paid you will be given all information generated and you will be given a chance to review the completed estimate prior to signing a formal contract to begin the project. This information is supplied to you when you place an order or schedule a project.

Do you repair furniture? I DO NOT repair or refinish furniture. I design and build only. If you are in need of having something repaired or refinished, you might want to contact: Friedman Furniture Service https://www.facebook.com/FriedmanFurnitureService/.

What kinds of wood do you typically work with? I use wood that is typically available at any lumberyard such as poplar, cherry, red oak, white oak, maple, mahogany, pine, etc. I also use cherry, red oak, maple, and mahogany plywood when necessary. I DO NOT use MDF or pressboard that is typically used in mass-produced cabinets and furniture found at your typical “big box stores”.

Do you have a preferred brand of paint/stain/finish? I use Benjamin Moore paints and Minwax stains and finishes. I also use premium shellacs. If you would like me to use finishing products other than those listed, a minimum upcharge of $250 will be charged in addition to the cost of the finishing product and any samples that must be produced to see how the finishing product functions and interacts with other finishing products and woods.

Do you work with materials other than wood? In addition to wood, I also work with acrylics, glass, epoxies, and plexiglass.

Do you require a deposit? Projects over $1000 require a 70% deposit of the total project cost. Projects under and up to $1000 must be paid in full.

How long have you been designing and building furniture? I have been working with wood since the age of 12. I started my business in 2010 at the age of 48.

Do you have a showroom and/or a catalogue? I do have brochures that I can give you upon request. My show room will be up and running by summer 2023.

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