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Delivery and Installation


Cabinets and furniture are delivered by Ridder’s Custom Woodwork or by a delivery service chosen by Ridder’s Custom Woodwork. All deliveries are scheduled in advance and are subject to weather conditions. Applicable delivery charges will be applied to all orders.

Specialty items may be delivered by one of the following depending on the size and where it is to be delivered: Ridder’s Custom Woodwork, USPS or UPS. The method of delivery will be determined when the item is ordered. Applicable shipping and handling charges will be applied to all orders.


Depending on the project (i.e., furniture or cabinets), the installation will be done by one of the following: A contractor chosen by Ridder’s Custom Woodwork or your contractor. Installations are typically done when items are delivered and usually completed the same day. Further discussions will take place should an installation require more than one day to complete, and will be handled on a case by case basis.

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